Rachel Abery

Hi there! My name is Rachel Abery and I hold a Bachelor of Midwifery from Ara (formerly Christchurch Polytechnic). I am moving to Auckland in September 2019 and will be working alongside the other wonderful midwives at Kate Sheppard Midwifery and birthing out of North Shore Hospital. My colleagues are generously providing antenatal care to women wishing to book with me as their lead maternity carer (LMC midwife) until I arrive and can take over that care in mid/late September 2019.

I have two children of my own and it was my first pregnancy in 2011 that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of midwifery. Each woman’s journey is unique, and I look forward to working with you as your pregnancy progresses. I support women to make informed decisions in their pregnancy, labour and birth, and postnatal period which empowers them to give informed consent for any and all screening and diagnostic testing during this time.

I enjoy supporting women in which ever labour and birth space they choose and feel comfortable in. I offer to complement that choice with sacral release massage, water, heat, rebozo, aromatherapy and music therapy. All of this is designed to customise your birthing space to be one of that supports and nurtures your connection to your baby during your labour. Conversely, I am also able to provide secondary care in a hospital environment, including epidural care if required.

Please get in touch with our wonderful team at if you would like to book with me. I am available for women due in October onwards and will be working throughout the Summer. I look forward to meeting you!